How to Win in Your Job Interview

Don’t be shy to express your enthusiasm. it is crucial to convince the hiring manager that you truly desire the job. Interviewers don’t just look for applicants who match the job requirements and will fit in with a company, they care more about whether you are enthusiastic about the job.

Any job requires a full commitment. If you are aloof in an interview, then you will be recognized as less enthusiasm for the job and customers.

You can express your passion in many different ways. It is suggested that interviewees should prepare an arsenal of stories illustrating their skills, strengths and accomplishments. Rather than bragging in a general way about your abilities, describe specific experiences that show you putting those skills to use. What’s more, you can also speak animatedly about the pleasure and pride you took in overcoming obstacles.

In addition, you can straightforward to tell the interviewer how thrilled you’d be to work for her and for her organization in particular.

Most applicants understand that they should do their homework to learn as much as possible about the company and the job before going in for an interview. But in fact, there are also some candidates done no basic research still show up. You can prepare a notebook, jot down a few points to help you remember your best stories and note many questions to ask about the specific job and the company.

At the end of the interview, ask where you stand compared with the ideal candidate. Then you can ask how you compare with other applicants. These emphasize how much you want to get the job and help you take action after the interview.

When you receive the message that tells you might not fit the ideal mold, you should also write a follow-up. It can not only show your politeness and presence, but also sometimes may help you get second opportunity.

4 of Most Weird Yet Creative iPhone Cases in The World

We all know that iPhone is the most popular gadget among youths. With the popularity of iPhone, a variety of stylish iPhone cases appear. People think that holding an iPhone is just so cool and fashionable. However, you may not know that you can be cool in this way. It is stylish, amazing, cool, characteristic, and even strange! It is all about iPhone cases! Now just take a look at these weird yet creative iPhone cases we collected for you.


This iPhone case is really a good solution for those people who speed around on two-wheels like motorcycle or bicycle. OK, you may worry about the weather. But just calm down, this case is wrist-mounted and waterproof. When you are on the road, it provides an optional headset microphone to connect to your helmet. Besides, there is a clear plastic case so you can use GPS navigational apps and make phone calls.


Stop! It is not your food! This delicious-looking case comes packaged in a chocolate bar style wrapping, which looks as though it’s just been taken from your local supermarket. It is “delicious”, but just keeping a cool head and not to eat your iPhone when you are hungry.


In Japan, what most fathers and kids love to do during summer is to hunt for gorgeous beetles. However, most of them will die once capture. This case is design for saving many little beetles and making many Japanese happy. Well, this limited yet gorgeous beetle case for iPhone 4 may be totally useless and even weird, but it is so much meaningful and desirable!


This strange new undergarment keeps your iPhone secure even at the most raucous parties. Students tired of losing their phones and lugging around purses on nights, now, a bra with side pockets capable of holding an iPhone, debit card and ID come to with a help. This bra looks like a normal bra, but it really supports easily fits the iPhone into its secure pocket. It might be a must-have item for girls and ladies who want to indulge in drinks at parties without constantly searching for their phones.

Imaginations are endless! There are many kinds of strange products in the world. However, normal ones are always the most popular for people. Are you looking for your own iPhone case? Just go to to see more fashionable iPhone cases.

Looking for New Creative Hotels in 2013

If you want to change the way of living in your long journey, you should try to broaden your horizon. Here we recommend you some new creative hotels to make your journey in 2013 more wonderful. You will find a new life when you are traveling outside.

1. QT hotel in Sydney, Australia

The public space design of QT hotel is supervised by Nic Graham. The entire creative and luxury style is also his effort. Shelley Indyk designed the room with red and orange wooden floors. Anna Roberts is responsible for the interior carving and decoration. The stylish and luxurious atmosphere will bring you quite a different experience.

2. Kura Design Villas, Costa Rica

At the stretching coast ridge, in the tropical forest of Ballena Marina National Park, Kura owns the extreme beauty of the South Pacific. Created by an architect and biologist couple, 6 Villas of this hotel not only fully embody the concept of environmental protection, but also show a fashion style to us. Rooms are not equipped with TVs, but have prepared books, magazine, video, iPad and free WiFi for guests.

3. Maia Luxury Resort & Spa in Seychelles

This hotel has been selected into the world’s famous hotels organization – “LHW”, which can be described as the highest honor in the industry. Maia hotel is located in the middle of southwest beach of Mahe Island. Coming here from the airport should go through mountains, or travel around coastline. It takes nearly an hour by car. There are only 30 rooms in total which are all villas with independent swimming pool. All villas are built beside mountains and scattered in the lush forests as stars.

The service in this hotel can be said the world’s best. All the services here are exclusive including exclusive one to one service, exclusive spa, exclusive car and so on.

Visiting Those Funny Places in UK to Experience British Humor

The British are old-fashioned and conservative from their appearance. But sometimes, they will also do some humorous things to make us on the point. It seems that they are actually quite romantic. In UK, you will likely encounter some places with weird names. You can not help to imagine what they were thinking at that time to come up with those strange ideas. I can only understand this is another manifestation of British humor.

1. The railway station in UK with the longest name

On Anglesey island of northwest Wales, there is a town which has a railway station with the longest name in the UK. It was named up to 58 letters – “Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch”. It is said that this is to attract people. Indeed, it achieved the desired effect. When tourists go through here, they will get off the train and take a photo with this famous train station.

2. Street with the weirdest name -”whip-ma-whop-ma-gate”

At the end of the Shambles Street in Yorkshire and turning right, there is a street with a weird name. It is called “whip-ma-whop-ma-gate” which has the longest name but with the shortest length in Yorkshire. It is said that villains and nagging ladies must be punished in this street.

3. The world’s shortest street -Ebenezer Street in Scotland

Ebenezer Street is located in Keith Ness County, Wick City, Scotland. It only has a total length of 2.06 meters which is the world’s shortest street in the Guinness Book of Records. There is only one address in the the whole street of Ebenezer -Mai Kaisi hotel pub 1. It is exactly the main entrance of Mai Kaisi hotel.

4. The minimum cafe in Lincolnshire

There is a famous small cafe in the downtown street of Lincoln, UK. It only has 2 square meters in area. In the cafe, there are only two chairs, 0.8 m long bulkhead acting as a table. It is able to accommodate four guests, that is, two sit and two people stand to wait. A lot of people coming here to taste how delicious the coffee is here.


Select the shape of the diamond ring according to your constellation

Diamond is a symbol of everlasting love. In the wedding, how we can hold the ceremony without the witness of  the dazzling diamond? As we know, diamond has different shapes which can be consistent with different bride’s temperament. Constellation also has a big concern with the characters and temperaments of a person. Therefore, we should select the diamond shape according to constellation. Let’s learn the constellation secret hidden in the diamond shape as below.

1. Round shape diamond

Round diamond has sleek curves which presents a calm and soft feeling. This shape is suitable for gentle and elegant Cancer, calm and regular Libra. Wearing the round shape diamond ring can highlight the kind-hearted  and easygoing nature of woman.

2. Pear-shaped diamond

The pear-shaped diamond looks like the shape of a water droplet. One end is round and the other end is narrowed to a point which is very attractive. Compared with the round shape, it has edges and corners which is suitable for Leo who is good at communicating and Aquarius who attaches importance to friendship. The pear-shaped diamond can well reflect the gentle, lovely and lively character of the bride.

3. Square shape diamond

The well-regulated and symmetrical design of square diamond can perfectly meet the character of Taurus who is hidebound, and Virgo who does things methodically. Wearing a square diamond can show women’s rigorous attitude to life. This kind of woman tend to be more self-discipline in marriage.

4. Oval shape diamond

Oval diamond has a stable characteristic as round shape diamond. The stretches on the line reflect the varied characteristics of the diamond. It is particularly suitable for the forthright Aries and Capricorn who has great patience features. It will show the independent and tough charismatics of women.

5. Heart-shaped diamond

The heart-shaped diamond is full of romantic atmosphere which can soothe the introverted personality of Scorpio. It even better bring out the romance of mild Pisces. Wearing the heart-shaped diamond ring can show a woman’s unique affinity.

6. Olive-shaped Diamond

Olive shapediamond has a very unique angular. The bold and innovative design can not only reflect the mutable character of Gemini, bout also can show the bold personality of  Sagittarius.

2013 Global Travel Destinations

If the doomsday is not coming, what would you like to do in 2013? Someone may want to travel all around the world. If you are making a list for your long journey, the below introductions will give you some help.

1. Corsica in France

Corsica is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean. It is located in the southeast of French mainland where Napoleon was born. With its unique sea mountains and rushing water, Corsica shows people a series of rare beautiful scenery. The South is dry and it has a long, white sandy beach. Tourists stop here will surprisingly find the world-famous cultural heritages. Walking on the famous GR20 road leading the way to the north-west Calvi, you will go through the Filitosa ruins, seaside resort Propriano, Porto Pollo and Campomoro. In the north, the way to the Corsica Cape is covered with lemon trees, orange trees and olive trees. In the dense jungle of the other side, you can also see the spring flowers. When you take a rest, never forget to taste the local delicious wine.

2. Yukon in Canada

Yukon is one of the three regions of Canada which is located in the north-west of Canada. This region is named by the Yukon River flowing through the area. The name of the capital Whitehorse also comes from the Yukon River because the rapid streams splash spray like a white horse. Yukon is well known for the large number of wild animals and endless natural scenery. It is the only province in North America which has road leading to the Arctic. You can enjoy Yukon’s tourism projects such as aurora appreciation, panning, wildlife viewing, canoeing, aboriginal culture experience, dog-sledding, skiing and so on. Aurora is the Yukon’s most famous natural wonder. Test viewing time is the moonless night in winter.

3. Campania in Italy

Naples is the capital of Campania region and Naples province. Naples has a long history. Because of the location, it is also the largest port city in southern Italy. Nowadays, it is still the stronghold of Mediterranean trading. What’s more, it has one of the world’s three night scenes (the other two are in Hong Kong and Hakodate). Most of the northern coastal and inland of Campania are belong to Navarro Diano National Park, which is one of largest parks in Italy. Due to the Vesuvius volcano, this place is covered by volcanic ash. The soil is fertile and sunny, which is called “Campania Felix” by the Romans.

4. Palawan island in Philippines

Palawan Islands is in the southwest of Philippines, composed of 1,768 islands which is the second largest island in Philippines. Palawan was originally a vacation spot of Philippines royal family, and later often been visited by celebrities which enhanced the reputation of Palawan. Just like Maldives, Palawan is an island with a hotel. Here there is a hidden super luxury hotel and it is relatively far away. You can only go the hotel by their regular chartered airplane. The small island of Philippines can only be found on map with magnifying glass. It is reputed as “the last pure land in Philippines”. In such a utopian paradise, what you see are unmodified plants and trees. You can completely relax and enjoy yourself in this pure land.

The Life Habits of Goldfish

Goldfish is so lovely and so cute which is loved by a lot of people. Many people choose to raise goldfish as a pet because they think goldfish is easy-to-raise. However, the fact is that many people can’t raise goldfish for a long time. They completely don’t know the life habit of goldfish. If you you want to keep it with you for a long time, you should learn something as below.

1.  Goldfish need group feeding and intensive feeding. But the density shouldn’t be too large. The ideal proportion of fish and water should be 1000:1. The length of the fish and the fishbowl should be above 1:10. This will ensure good water quality and adequate dissolved oxygen.



2. Goldfish is a kind of cold-blooded animal which has a relatively strong adaptability to water. Its body temperature changes with the water temperature. It can even survive in the water with temperature of 0-39 degrees Celsius. However, it can’t accept the  drastic changes of water temperature. More than 5 degrees Celsius will lead to death. The optimal growth temperature is 20-28 degrees Celsius. At this water temperature, the goldfish growth and development is the most productive.



3. In the goldfish raising practice, we can know that water with optimum temperature is very easy to breed bacteria. The water quality will become bad. So, you need to change the water frequently. Otherwise, the goldfish will become sick or dead. In fact, goldfish in the water with temperatures of 15-20 degrees Celsius also live normal, just not so strong in the optimum temperature. But this kind of temperature can maintain relatively high-quality water. Thus, you’d better control the water temperature at 15-20 degrees Celsius.



4. The feeding habit of goldfish is very broad which belongs to omnivorous fish. They require food containing rich protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, inorganic salts and trace elements. Goldfish also eat bread crumbs, rice, vegetables, leaves, dried shrimp and meat. But goldfish prefer live food which is better for the growth.



5. Goldfish are docile pet fish. It rarely appears the situation that big fish attack small fish. However, it may appear drastic change when it is pregnant. During this period, it will become combative. Therefore, you should put it in a alone fishbowl.



Healthy Breakfasts Help You Excrete Toxins

Nothing is better than a healthy and delicious breakfast to open your detoxification work in a day.  If you trying to pursue some methods to excrete the toxins in your body, you can take a look at these healthy detox breakfasts as below.

1. Green tea

Change the coffee to green tea in your breakfast. You will find that the high level of catechins in green tea can help you maintain a healthy liver. It is also good to accelerate the speed of producing the detoxifying enzymes in your body. Drink green tea often is a smart way to excrete toxins.

2. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a good variety in whole grains. As we know, whole grains can help us excrete the toxins in the gut. If you are really tired of the daily simple bowl of oatmeal, you can try the homemade oat cakes or oat meal.

3. Asparagus

Asparagus contains rich probiotics and cellulose which can maintain the health of your digestive tract. The cellulose can make your stomach more flat. You can cook some asparagus and match with lean meat and boiled eggs in the morning as breakfast. It is really a good choice to keep health.

4. Vegetable juice

Although the detox effect of vegetable juice has not yet been fully confirmed, vegetable is good on earth. You can choose fresh vegetables such as spinach, lemon, cherry tomatoes to make vegetable juice. It is suitable for white-collar who is too lazy to make vegetables.

5. Fruit salad

Fresh fruit has natural detox characteristics which is very suited to be used as a breakfast. If you prefer to make fruit salad, you’d better put some pineapple and maple syrup. Pineapple and maple syrup have anti-inflammatory and detoxifying characteristics.

Enjoy Luxury Spa at Street Corner in Paris

How Paris woman love  Spa? We can say that Spa has almost become a part of their life. Even for the French female stars, the first thing they always do in a weekend is taking off the clothes and walking into the foggy bathroom. You don’t even need to drive not out of town. After your crazy shopping and when you feel very tired, you will be able to casually find a full-featured star Spa shop at a street corner. Well, we say French women are particularly good at maintaining figure, who said this is not an important reason for it?


1. Spa My Blend by Clarins

People who have been to Spa My Blend by Clarins will have a feeling that they have lost in it. The large and small ornate mirrors on the wall make it looks like a white paradise. You can swim in the most luxurious pool and enjoy a tailor-made skin care regimen in this white tone of the ladies room. “My Day SPA” purpose of the project here is to let your body have a completely relax and make you look more beautiful.


2. Four Seasons Hotels Spa

It is the Versailles back garden in lady’s heart. Have you ever dreamed that one day you wake up from the bed and take a view out the window, it is the Champs Elysees and the Eiffel iron ride outside, and you go downstairs and  start the day with the most magnificent spa in Paris? The Spa in Four Seasons Hotels is very famous. Many female star choose to stay at here is just for this reason. The 18th century style of decoration also attracted ladies. Here you can enjoy all the treatments from the fingers to the scalp in the VIP room with separate audio.


3. The Sixth Senses Spa

The Paris women recently found a new stronghold. It is the sixth senses spa which is full naturalism. Although it is  in the global chain mode, the Paris new store has a different style. The original style makes you feel like straying into a French eco-town. But the fashionable silhouettes on the city wall remind you that you are in Paris. The biggest feature in this store is that even you are in the city center, you can also do maintenance with fresh honey. The honey is collected by urban bees in Tuileries garden and beehives are set on the roof. Thinking of the body is surrounded by so sweet natural honey, which woman in Paris will not be tempted?

Are you tempted by these luxury Spa in Paris? Now, take off the stress and start your relaxing Spa journey right now!

Three Gorgeous Wedding Dresses Help You transfigurate to be A Glaring Queen

If you decided to hold the outdoor wedding in a refreshing summer evening outdoor, you should put more ideas on your wedding dress. In the wedding party, as the central character, of course you should be the “Dancing Queen”. To be more charming and glaring wherever you go, you can’t miss a glary wedding dress.

1. For a perfect wedding dress, the front should be amazing and the back will be surprising. Of course the size of the crown and the volume of the wedding dress will decide your aura. The long skirt is suitable for the huge wedding scene.  For the skirt material, the pearl satin is the best choice.  Without too much panniers and hard yarn, it will help you get the effect what you want.

2. The transparent wedding dress decorated with big bowknot  is reminiscent of the French romantic classic image. The shiny shirt with a layer of tulle make the light more soft and add a sense of mysterious. The huge bowknot decorated on the chest and not only show your lovely aspect, but also can modify the curve of your chest.

3. Bowknot is not the exclusive decoration of lovely girls, it is also suitable for the sexy goddess. When the bride’s body is perfect, the sparkling crystals will increase your charm. What’s more, the lightweight tulle will make you look slim and graceful.